Look At Reality This Way

Everything we know,all our physics and science is wrapped up into the Universe.We wish to understand nature and come up with the grand scientific theory.All this can be summed up as the Universe and how it was created.Or who.
The Space of the universe is the major key,as is its Time.The canvas on which our reality and our nature is written is Space and Time.
The space concerned is 3 Dimensional and it sits within a beginning and an end.Time.But if you examine the subject of Space deeply you discover that it can exist in a many dimensions,not just three.This includes one and two dimensions.Therefore if looking at the universe and asking where did it come from,the answer is dependant on how you are defining the question.By what you see with your eyes? or are you asking what is the nature of reality?Time seems to stand still when you look up at th night sky and you define what you see as infinite and eternal which moves outside the concept of 3 dimensional space,yet we are contained in this prison of 3 space dimensions and a time.It is not explained and we are trying to get out of it.To find the formula.What is God,who created us and life?
The scientific answer depends on what question you ask.If you are looking at the 3 Dimensions,how do you explain Infinity and Eternity that are so clealy visible in the night sky? Therefore an arguement rages between what belongs to God and what belongs to Science.Science has to explain God and the creation of Life and the Universe.Either way the question is non sensical if you are looking at 3 Dimensions because we know that these three dimensions are "nested" into many other dimensions which are not even visible or tangeable yet hold more powerful laws and science than do our "Newtonian" 3 dimensions.So in the light of this,a mere 3 dimensions to define god,the universe or what we see,is a non question.We have been for thousands of years grappling with this huge Non Question.No wonder there has been no answer.The answer to the meaning of God and also science,as we mean it,has been a red herring.Non sensical.The answer to the question depends on the individual definition and therefore delivers a different answer to everyone.The meaning of "Space" has to be answered.We have never even been able to tackle the question of Infinity,let alone other dimensions.

We can see with our own eyes that the physical universe is nested in Infinity and Eternity when we look at the night sky.This accompagnies all the other life and starsystems in the universe,who are our living neighbours.But it goes further than that because it suggests tha nature and reality consists of many more dimensions beyond these.That nature is made up of dimensions that harmonize and therefore open further doors,as do harmonic frequencies in music.That space dimensions are written into nature beyond Infinity is hard to grasp.But yet again to formulate the question from lower dimensions would be non sensical or a non-question in terms of the greater reality.And so on.

Measuring Infinity

According to program that I saw,not remembering if it was a BBC program or not,an experiment was done by scientist to determine whether or not the Universe was infinite.Light from distant stars was measuerd and it was found that it was not curved.That therefore space did not curve,it was straight.This implies that space goes on for ever,that it is infinite.We also know mathematically that inner space is infinite.Infinity within and without.Therefore there is no border line between 3D space and infinite space.This means that the 3 dimensions we understand are not actually real,but constructed from infinity.Its phyical properties are not real because they are without a borderline within and without.They only exist for a Time.But the time is also
not real as Time only exists in the present,which is eternity.Therefore the physical universe exists in a time which has no boundaries,in the present.We can say thet the universe we know is directly contructed from Infinity and eternity and energy.From these,forces,matter,space/time are created.The formula is not yet delivered to us.

On the question of energy,it is known that energy is directly related to mass and matter.E=mc*.
It seems logical therefore that energy would alter its nature in accordance with the dimension that it is occupying.In 3D space it would appear as mass but in other dimensions it would exist in another form.The dimensions Eternity and Infinty would have plenty of energy at its disposal and the only way this energy could come into this new space,(3D),would be to transform the nature of itself and these dimensions into a physical form,with a time.The ever present Eternity energy is put into a forward motion,giving a seemingly past and future direction.The space moving its energy into 3D dimensions creates the fields which build matter

The Grand Design

This thesis by prof Hawkins and the Polish Scientists alter the previous conceptions of creation of the universe by suggesting that it was chance happening,in line with current science of natural evolution and natural selection processes.Thus not upsetting mainstraem science.It is a very good theory, it makes a great deal of sense and is very logical.But I would not sign on to it,myself.
It was realized that this universe could not possible have come in to being by previously accepted means.This was because it was so finally tuned and its physical values were so precise that it would have needed to be of inteligent design.This was unanimous.A way round this was to say that originally the universe had a choice of every permutation and combination of values and physical attributes that by chance would produce one set of values that result in what we see now.We cannot deny that nature works in these sort of ways.They do have to calculate into the trillions of other universe creation attempts to arrive at this one though.It is very hard to swallow for many.There is no proof of it yet,either.It does not rule out the existance of a god or creator.If you consider the creation of life, evolution by inteligent design or natural selection, it is a very similar arguement.It cannot be seperated from the phyical universe arguement.It is now recognized that DNA is of inteligent design.The permutation,combinations,chance concepts are out of the running for human DNA creation.These two arguments,creation of universe and human life, are running neck and neck.
There are as yet no answers to the origin of life and the creation of the physical universe.
The only possible option left for science to maintain its position is to say the we were co-created by ET and that ET itself are natural selection/evolutions.That there are two types of evolution.This is what they have done.They have moved the goalposts again. But it seems to me that they may have moved the goalposts once too often.

Unified Field Theory Solution

The unification of the 4 force fields awaits the description of gravity.I have looked at what is said by David Sereda,a Jehovahs witness who is also a high level US scientist,working on secret government projects in USA for a long time,including anti gravity propulsion.
He says that anti matter matter explosions, when colliding an electron and positron, leave a residual force field,approximately equal to one-ninth of the total.It is predicted by supersymetary that the anniahlation between matter and antimatter is complete.100%.He contradicts this.At the origin,the creation of the physical universe,the current theories state that the creation of antmatter and matter self anniahlated leaving a small percentage of matter in favour of antimatter.This is said to have resulted in what we see now.David Sereda goes a much further than this as I have said,the result being that the entire early universe was permeated by the field left over from the positron and electron collisions.This field is gravity,it is a field permeating all of space and exerts and attractive force on all matter.It is a field written into space/time.
This is not confirmed by our current observations,but very interesting indeed are the radio signals picked up to paint a map of our early universe,(left over microwave radiation from the big bang).These photos show the early matter is accompagnied by a field that is not identifeid.They as yet have not described what this field may be, but they do not think it is a field that they know about.It is said therefore to be a newly identified field playing a major role.It is not yet included in the standard unified model.Could this decribe by observation what we are looking for? Gravity? To complete the standard model?
The main reason that they do not jump to this conclusion is that it contradicts superstring theory, which expects supersymetry to apply to the positron and electron collisions.
Looking further at the Hadron collider results which successfully delivered the Higgs "particle",it has been upgraded to double its power since then and still has deliverred no further results of other particles or fields.They were confidently expecting of proof of supersymetry,but this has not happenned.They are not given in though.
Is there a cover up ? Perhaps.
~It seems to me a very good bet that we have found what we have been looking for.The description of the gravity field as said by David Sereda.

Further to this is RioFrio,s work which mathematically predicts that the speed of light is not constant but varies with time.(i.e. Gravity which weakens as the universe expands).Her book "The Speed of Light" is available at Kindle.She is eagerly awaiting results from the space station within the next year, which will probably give her a Nobel Prize, if her work is verified.

Space Theory-Hypothesis

Within three dimensional space you can create two dimensional realities and one dimensional.i.e a singularity and a straight line.You can also work trigonometry and geometry and create other three dimensional spaces within your 3-D world.Therefore it seems from space you can create space.It seems that it is in some way a conciousness that can see itself.From the next higher spacial dimension it follows likewise that you can create the lower dimensions and also itself.i.e.inner space and infinities without and within.The question I would ask is this.Does space have the ability to create, a) other space dimensions.
b) other dimensions.
c) matter.

The question has to be asked because within our current understanding of particle physics it is known that atoms are constructed from fields of differing resonant frequencies and electrical/magnetic charges.That they are not contructed of matter and do not obey the laws of space time that we do in our dimension.The nature of the atom within, is subject to different laws of physics called quantum physics.It is suggesting that atoms are created from higher dimensional "Physics and Mathematics".From higher dimensional space.From fields and resonant frequencies.(Harmonic frequencies).

If it is considered that in our 3-D space this happens to a lesser extent, creating itself, i.e.creating space,then the rest is a logical conclusion.
Space(in its higher dimensional states),may be living, it may have conciousness ,it maybe able to reproduce itself.It may be responsible for the creation of matter,and therefore life.

We are conditioned to accept that the nature of reality is 3 dimensional.This is ridiculous when viewed from outside the box.Its little wonder we are so ignorant when it comes to answering the big questions.
Is a master of Space and Time able to hijack reality,s mechanism to create whatever it wishes? Even an entire Universe?
In science we know that this is possible.Inner space can create outer space.
We are as a species moving into a new age and a new collective consciousness.
Holistic,cosmic, biological and natural wizards,peoples,religions and communities,cannot identify with the scientists approach to these truths,as they know it to be dangerous and should be encountered naturally.That space is natural and cosmic.They know that the door to knowledge has always been open and should never have been knocked down over the years by forced entry that has destroyed much of the earth and most species including us.

Looking Inside The Atom.

This has changed the fate and path of our species.It has changed the nature of reality for us.From a solid concrete one to one without form.We were advised not to look inside the atom.It is the fundamental particle of the material world.We now have to know that we do not exist,a figment of the imagination, an imaginary guitar note inside the mind of the beholder.We are unstuck.The stuck can unstick, but can the unstuck stick it back together?

The Nature of Space.New Age Formulas.

What is Space?
If you hypothesize that space is like matter, that one particle of space is the same as all particles of space,then the very large and very small are not factors that define space.If you take "one atom" of space,and look inside it you may discover that the laws of space as we know them break down, that "quantum space" is apparrant.This quantum space cannot be tied down to any one place at any one time, it is everywhere and eternal.It is infinite, it has no boundaries.Quantum mechanics within atoms of elements,give these properties to the particles inside atoms.They are not.They are properties of the space,(inner space).
3D space and its associated mathematics is an incomplete idea.It additionally says that space has no ending (and time),It admits to the existance of infinity, without explaining it .It is making the assumption that reality is a 3D phenomena and delivering a mathematics and science which is supposedly accurate,based on this.It has it.s head in the sand hoping that the existance of infinity and eternity will go away.It is as near as damn it saying that they do not exist, they are not real.It has no formula or mathematical science that can deal with them.
This shows that space in 3 dimensions is a false idea.Space can only be seen as 4 dimensions.A mathematics that cannot work in 4/5 dimensions must be inadequate, in the same way that physics without quantum science is inadequate.
The idea that 3 dimensional space could define reality came from the belief that matter is a living proof of 3 D reality.But this is no longer the case.It is now known that matter is "quantum" in its nature. that it consists of fields and is not 3 dimensional.It is constructed of higher spacial dimensional "material".
It follows that the formula for everything, the unified field theory, cannot be contained in a 3 dimensional equation, it must include the higher dimensional mathematics.It must explain infinity,time and space in its formula.The universe is not a 3D phenomena,it is a reality in 4 dimensions of space,(or more).
The "truth" wont fit into a box of 3 Dimensions.This idea comes from the idea that the universe is a gigantic box/prison consisting in 3 dimensions.It is infinite.The scientist has evaded the outer truth of infinity in its theoretical physics and mathematics, but cannot disregard infinity in its inner space and quantum physics. Science has been based on the assumption that the nature of reality is a dog kennel.

A mathematician may argue that there are an infinite amount of possible spacial dimensions.I would argue that Life is a biological,cosmic,natural phenomena and has inbuilt a consciousness that can see itself in its environment in 5 dimensions.Four of space,one of time.Life and nature cannot be defined in less than 5 dimensions.(There are many other dimensions).That you cannot have a unified field formula or a theory of everything in less than 5 dimensions.Therefore the formula and knowledge is worthless to the unenlightened person.The assumption is that this science can be used as tool to educate and enlighten people to knowledge.This is similar to the ancient techniques and religions with their occult sciences.It can be seen that no long lasting enlightenment or benefit came from the ancient religions.The knowledge of nature gained from the genome will not change the situation.The new age religion is on shaky ground, as all religions have been.

A Theory of Evolution That Fits the Facts.

A species is locked and built into the ecosystem and is heavilly checked and kept in balance with nature.This ecosystem is the earth and earths nature which doesn't need to gain knowledge and evolve.It already is evolved and enlightened.It is locked into one giant evolved super machine which is a total evolution in itself.The idea of evolving through our light and dark forces of nature towards knowledge came into being after we were removed from the checks and balances of nature.These forces were already built in.
On then subject of evolving toward knowledge to be come a god,where does this refer to evolving into a new species? According to Darwin species have evolved from other species by natural selection and continue to do so, preseumably, but all of a sudden when referring to mankind, we say this stops and he has reached the peak of his evolution whereby man becomes god.This fundamentally floors the whole argument.

Consider this.Evolution depends on time and is by natural selection according to Darwin.Man,s evolution of 3 million years he says is enough to reach near perfection.So how come life forms that have been evolving for 600 million years like trees and insects arent evolved to an incredibly high level.?It doesn't make sense.Trees and insects should be far more evolved and advanced than us.They certainly will survive as a species where we will not.So I suppose this proves they are far more advanced life form in terms of survival inteligence.What is Darwins reply to that?
The idea that species evolve into other species is not backed up by any evidence.Information contradicts this idea.


The electro gravito effect was patented many years ago by a couple of experimentalist.It consisted of two well insulated copper plates held apart a short distance with a very high current put through.(DC?)It delivered lift and antigravitional effects in the direction of the positive plate.Government secretly constructed vehicles from this technology and have been flying to and from Mars and further at mind blowingly fast speeds for a very long time..It is said that these craft can exceed the speed of light.With this simple idea in mind, we could be proud of our human intelligence to deliver technology that put us in the big league.It takes the mystique out of aliens and UFO.A description of this technology and these craft are given at the following link, if you can concentrate for 1hour 12 mins.


Further to this it has been demonstrated that if you let fall two object of the same mass , one of which is magnatized of a certain polarity,one will fall faster than the other.Therefore it is seen that Gravity is of an electromagnetic nature.
An area 51 S4 scientist dealing with UFO technology for the American government says that the solution to the nature of gravity is in the resonant differential field created between a positron and a electron,(matter and antimatter,do not quite cancel out).Others have pointed it being an effect of entanglement.

So the solution to gravity could easlly be in this above inforamtion.The unified field Theory and the standard model seems to be nearly there.