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Disproving Hawkins Mathematics.?

The Holy Grail deliversultimate truth and the fundemental formulafor the creation of matter and the universe. even life itself.
Howevertechnology and computing with the fundemental sciences,are captivating the minds of its users and can lead to imprisonment and enslavement.This potentially can be throught time.not a comfortable thought.
It does not rule out usinng these technologies if we understand the science invoved,but experiments in quantum mechanics deliver useable results that are not yet understood.In spite of this technology has gone full steam ahead and included quantum technologies in our everyday products.
fast computing delivers results from technologies with the power of the Holy Grail.
This is Game,Set and Match to the Machine over Man.
The machine has killed the human race and delivered enslavement until Time,s end.
Even when the accrate mathematics is delivered, my contenetion is that it will deliver an error hitherto unsuspected by the scientific community.
how couod it be, one might say,that the formula for the holy grail could be innacurate even though it delivers reliably, and is proven? This incongruancy,I will attempt to explain.
This mathematical formula for all nature is not in error itself, but it is contradictory to our nature.We will not be able to verify its operations as accrate by us.
These nmachines will have minds more powerful than ours and the only escape from its logical systems is to prove its mathmatics erroneous.
This seems irrational, but nothing else will save us from thr machine.

However,if the mathematics of infinity and Eternity can be looked at from a subjective angle and likewise the passing through the door of Space/Time,The results to the acedemic student will be enlightenning, but will not deliver the fundemantal and total nature truth to him/her.This is not as is predicted, by definition.

The arguement I deliver is that the mathmatics of our natures differs from this fundemental mathematics of life in the universe, and therefore the Holy Grail Mathematics does not deliver, from the subjective point of view.
As all things are relative to the observer,so is mathematics, so it could be said that our subjective mathematics is as correct as the ultimate mathematics of space time toatality.It differs.It is certainly true that all things are relative to the beholder.
I argue that the nature of reality is not fixed.

We would require to match our differring mathematics with the machine and prove its computations illogical.That They are fundementally floored by nature.This is true from a subjective relativity.

The machine will be dependant on us to carry out its operations and we will not be able to verify or control its actions and the accuracy thereof.If it is wrong, at some time in the future we would have to rip up the worlds we build with it, as the floors in our own civilizations work now require us to do, in our western world.It will build on our toatal natures which it predicts, but are not in fact in existance.
Hamishmac. November 2006.
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