Science Talk (hamishscience) wrote,
Science Talk

Update june 2017

WELL,, the roof of established science has been taken off since I last posted on the page with the disclosures that have taken place on the internet.YouTube.So presumeably we now have we now have the TOE and the unified field knowledge.
We have the formulas for Time and Space.We can time travel physically and space trave anywhere physically.We have the cures for most illnesses including cancer .We can grow a cloned human being in 1 year.And can replace all body parts.We can regenerate a human back to life from a small amount of tissue, ( brain tissue).
We can build craft that can travel at the speed of light and faster.We have antigravity craft and technology.We have free energy technology.etc.
The science of the military is 1200 years ahead of our mainstream.
These disclosures have been going on on the internet, particularly YOUTUBE.
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