Science Talk (hamishscience) wrote,
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Anti-Gravity, Anti-Forces. Is it Possible to Connect ?

If you imagine the earth beneath your feet, how massive it is, and how massive is the sun it is attached to and so on.Extrapolate further to neighbouring stars etc.You will be come aware of what a huge amount of force you are faced with.
Gravity can either use or be used .It has two faces.I all that force was yours beneath your feet , what a difference it would make, to you being subjugated by such a big thing.Many would see this idea as an the idea of antigravity.But gravity is Antigravity.They are equal and opposite sides of the same thing.All that antigravity is already there, waiting to be used or harnessed.
Tesla discovered the same thing, which is being mentioned a lot nowadays on the internet.That free energy exists and is there waiting to be harnessed and used .This is also true.It is a similar, if not the same thing as to what I am saying.
Space is the same thing, How much is available to you ? All of it.The entire universe.Outer space does not actually exists ,It is a product of a higher space dimension , Inner space, basically..
Time, the same.It doesn't actually exist.
ALl that Time and all that space is there waiting to be tapped, used , harnessed.It is the same story .It is there to be used or to use you.

This is an alternative way of looking at science and nature. A reversal of our worldly logic.It is the correct way .Tesla, the great scientist knew this, and was thousands of years ahead of his time, even before Einstein.
Mystics have had this knowledge in the past and advanced alien races have been using it for millions of years, to travel to the stars, and throughout the universe.More besides.
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