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David Sereda Has Discovered the Gravity Particle.

David Sereda is a very accomplished scientist from America.A Physicist.He has been working in Americas Area S4 in Nevada with very high level security clearance on various projects.
He delivered a lecture which was published on the internet,(found it on Youtube).In it he discussed the nature of gravity.He is not a charlatan.He is the real thing.A proper scientist.
He said,in a nutshell, that "it is the resonant frequency that exists between the positron and the electron".A vibration/force/energy or whatever.A bit of string , a wavelength, whatever.The lecture is available on the movies page of my website.
Alongside developments with the Hadron collider, the Higgs Particle (field) confirmation,
All the material and physics/mathematics has now been deliverd to finish of the arguemant that Hawkins delivered in the Space/Time/Forces/Particle jig saw puzzle from looking at a singularity.Black hole physics.
So presuemable the Unified Field Theory is on the table now.Thats wahtbI would assume.The Formula.
I myself see all forces as one force. So I would look at the formulain a simplified way.But presueably, as I have been tipped off, you may initially be looking at the four fundamental forces alongside their four anti forces.And with particles.
But quite honestly I cant get my head around all that maths and physics any longer, to look at this myself,and may one day run into the outcome of all this stuff fro someone else.

In laymans terms I am looking at the idea ,that by self knowledge, all the universal principles can be accessed, for free, such as I have said in the adjoining article.
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