Science Talk (hamishscience) wrote,
Science Talk

Tesla and Einstein

Both great scientists. But new light has been shed on what might be a fake.Einstein it seems was a dummy.The real genius being Tesla.They were both competing at the same time and both had followers backing their interests.Apparantly Tesla a god fearing man was up against the establishment who were in favbour of their man, Einstein a Jesuit.Further more it is said that Einstein might have stolen patents from the patents office, where he worked.It is recently become apparrant bhow brilliant were Teslas discoveriesnand work, far exceeding Einstein, who now has been proven incorrect in some of his work.
But although they say there was competetion between the two resulting in Einstein theories getting the upper hand, and winning the day.It may be though , that all this was orchestrated and designed by the powers that be, because they wanted to hide the true advances in science from the mainstream.This very much included, it seems, Tesla,s discoveries and formulas.
It seems from recent disclosures on the internet, that science has been exceedinglty advanced for a very long time, and toatally hidden from the world in general, whilst secret programs have been in operation, such as interplanetary travel.
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