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Hamish Physicist.

At school my interst was Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, by about 1969 I realized that I was heading for a career and work in this field at a top level.This was the level of education I and my peer group were groomed for.I stopped to think.It was a time that predicted a big leap forward in scientific understanding and we already proven that our primary interest in science and technology was for weapon developments and military uses.I thought of Hiroshima as an example.I thought to myself " I can have a very lucrative career and successful life at the top.With a great deal of material wealth.It is there mapped out in front of me.But it would be morally unacceptable.Do I want to deliver formulas to these people who are using my knowledge for weapons".I didn't find it easy, but I did decide to throw it all in.I Dropped outfrom following the road that was mapped out.I never looked back.
But I must say that the circle has been squared, because I did eventually drop back in to take a look at where my path would have lead me.An unbelievably advanced level of science and technology has been arrived at since then.It wouldnt have altered the course of the world, my dropping out because others had stepped in to take my place.
Yes, they have used this science to make weapons and inflicted outrages crimes and sufferring to many living beings.
I do not consider science clever to do that.On an academic level only , is my belief in science, not for putting into the hands of our governments and military.
It begs the self same idea, should you give weapons to kids? No you should not.
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