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Dimensions and Quantum

There are many possible spacial dimensions as well as the 3 dimensions we are aware of. We also have the dimension of time which is inseperable from Space.Time is said to be another space dimension.So where does that leave dwellers in our 4 dimensional world.It is up for grabs how many dimensions you live in If you consider then 2 special dimensional world, a straight line and extend that not only into the 3 spacial dimensional world , but carry on to 4 or 5 spacial dimensions, you can visualize that there is not a dividing line or doorway, it is possible to move freely between dimensions.If you take inner space, which some would be aware of, it is not difficult to see that the physics of this dimension is differant to the physics of 3 spacial dimensions.It seems therefore that the laws of physics that we know of in our 3 spacial dimensional world change.They are not fixed.This is suggested in quantum physics and it has been proven by the quantum entanglements that the laws of space time can completely break down.In inner space there is no such thing as position, the position is anyhwhere and everywhere, as quantum physicists know.
It is often confusing when discussing the quantum world and standard physical concepts if you talk about quantum mechanics as a physical reality It is not.The smallest particle of matter in our 3 dimensional space, (and 1 of time),is the atom.It has size and mass.In the quantum world we are not talking about the 3 special dimensions, we have entered the world of another Spacial/Time dimension , and therefore it is not surprising that the laws of physics are not the same it seems obvious that we are into inner space.A 4th space dimension.It is therefore ridiculous to talk about sub-atomic particles.They are not particles.They are wave forms and energies.Quantum entanglement between 2 quanta of light photons demonstrate the laws of inner space .Innerspace includes the entirety of outer space, ones spacial position in inner space can be interchanged with any position in the entire outer space realm,(Universe).So as you move into a higher dimension you lose the requirements of obey the rules of the lower dimension.Just as you would not wish to return to living in the world of a straight line on a piece of paper, (2 dimensional world) after living in our 3 spacial dimensional universe , the same would be the case if you were a being who had evolved to live in a 4 dimensional spacial world , and so on , 5 and 6 and 7 dimensional would not like living at lower spacial dimensions.
The laws of Time and Space govern the physical world that only exists in our 4 dimensions.The speed of light is supposed to be a constant in our space time , but if you alter the space time , you alter the speed of light and therefore the mass,( which is proportional to the speed of light).therefore space/time determines mass as well.So it can be seen that the physical laws of the universe change in other space/time dimensions.
Spacial dimensions are the nature of reality and it is possible to move freely into any dimension,it is not written that you shall inhabit any particular dimensions.All dimensions at up for grabs if you can step outside the conditioning of your world.
Nature is built up in layers of many dimensions, and mastering the laws of nature in one dimension enables you to move into the next layer of nature and so on.It does not alter you position in space or time do do this. As we can see from innersapce experiments, all points in Space are the same when seen from a higher dimension, This is so with Time as well.
The other side of the universe in terms of inner space is on the same place as where we already are.It is already here,(or there).

So science has taken us into the 5th dimension, and the world has been shaken by this revolution.Quantum science is the science of a higher world.The basis of what people were assuming would be the New Age.We can move freely between these 5 dimensions or any other, theoretically, but first we must master the 4 dimensions we already live in, by our nature.It is necessary in the process of evolution to become a Master of Time and Space,by nature, in each dimension that we move on up to.
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