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Time, like space is not what it seems either.What is time.?
Once you know one particle of time , you know all particles of time.One second can be transmuted into a thousand years and visa versa.The nature of time is like that of space when you move into other dimensions.Past present and future are all here,written into the same moment.Eternity can hit you in a moment.the formula for the entirety of time can come and go in an instant.As is the case for Infinity.Gazing up into the heavens on a clear night ,away from the city pollution will give you direct access to the visabillity of Infinity and Eternity nature of the Universe.The door into the 5th dimension, in a flash, nutshell.Written into nature.It is who you are.It is you.This is the nature of time and space at a higher dimension.As do the physical laws change In the quantum world, so do the laws of Space/Time change at a higher dimension.You can travel into the future or the Past if you can break through the conditioning.Inner time is like inner space.You cannot put a position on it, this time is any time ,anywhere and also at any place.The physical laws of time can be changed in the next dimension.As is the case with space.It is the same idea.We can live at any time at any place, physically if we wanted to, but this is not necessary.Also it is contrary to the higher nature of time. Because time. like space, is already here .The here and the now is time /space anywhere and everywhere.As is the sight of the stars in the clear night sky,the visabillity of the Eternity and Infinity,is here now.
5th dimensiuonal science have built machines that can travel physically into any time and part of space,according to the information available on YouTube whistleblowers.They have the formula for time.

To this article and the Dimension-Quanta article:
Living beings and ecosystems are natural 5th dimensional machinery with 5th dimensional knowledge built into them.We do not need science and machines.
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