Discussing the Gravity particle/force or wave.


At this link you find a former area 51 scientist discussing advanced technology, and included is the description, briefly, is solution to the gravity force.it seems they have the knowledge to unify the forces and matter?Time/space.They would have this written formula, whataever it is .

The interesting information in this lecture is that the force of gravity is the resonant differential between the Positron and Electron.Very interesting.However it might not assume that the electron is exactly as has been taught to us, so I don't know how this works out on paper.It would be for mathematicians and scientists to look at, 

It might be that the idea of the 4 fundemantal forces as delivered to us (gluon, strong and weak and gravity etc),may be revised.

If unified they would be revised anyway, maybe only one force/matter .maybe an anti. "particle".

By the way these are not particles,they are wave forms/energies/strings or something not of a physical construction.The smallest particle that can exist is the atom.After that you go into the quantum world of Time/Space.

Inner Space,or just space , if all space is linked.It takes the lid of the box when you consider more dimensions.


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