The Gravity Particle

The Higgs boson could have been theorized in our equations without having been verified by the LHC,but the gravity particle could not.It would have been more significant to solve this than it would have been to solve Mass.So what was the LHC really built for ? it is surprising that not more has been done there since 2012.

I think that that not all is being told to us.

It is interesting that David Sereda,an area 51,S4 scientist, states that gravity is not a particle but is the differential between the electron and positron.That these particles do not entirely anniahalate each other , but there is about and 8-10% residual.He works for the government in secret projects involving antigravity and alien technology,a cutting edge expert in this field, so must be taken very seriously.If this is true, the LHC is not telling us something about the truth of matter and anti matter.

This is not straight forward.Read between the lines.

Eric Verlinde is saying that entanglement results in the gravity effect.If you take string theory seriously, then it is self evident that another dimension is at work. Entangle of particles is direct evidence of the 4th spacial dimension.Time and space operate different laws here. This is well known, so why do they not formulate this ? In respect to gravity, string theory can not argue with Verlinde.

It is clear that 4th spacial dimension is interacting in  our 3 dimensional space, and time universe, but whether it can introduce a force into the lower dimension is not clear yet.I am hesitant to agree with Eric Verlinde.His ideas on dark matter and energy are more interesting.It could be, though, that entanglement plays a role with gravity, and also the other forces.

As stated in the lectures in the previous link, all is field and quantum effects.We are dealing with inner space physics. much is formulated already here, and we wait to include the information regarding gravity.

It seems that we will not get far if we hold information back, as it is suspected mainstream science has been doing, and what the LHC is suspected of doing.

We also have misinformation from these sources thrown in. So, theoretical physicists should be aware of these possibilities when working a theory out.

There is a powerful lobby that does not want transparency on this subject.

The nature of the forces has not yet been solved, and the mystery of whether we have to use the laws of other dimensions to formulate this, is not to everybodys satisfaction. We do need to formulate within our space time/ force/particle physical world.It is very easy to step into a higher dimension  and deliver knowledge.This has been done for centuries.It smells of a religious solution.

(Is this how they got stuck on Mars and  cant get back again ?).

We need the information that would enable us to formulate in the secular world, which we are  close to achieving.


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