Quantum Machanics 5th Dimension.

Quantum mechanics moves into inner space mechanics.Beyond our three dimensional space/time mathematics.A formula for space and Time is needed. Infinity and Eternity.

I think Hawkins was spot on to say that we needed a new system of mathematics to arrive at the unified field formula.

An Atom may be a particle, but anything smaller is a not within outer space, it is inner space. Another dimension.

This shines a light on the validity of string theories idea of 10 Dimensions.But maybe it is overdoing it a bit.

Entanglement also.

The formula is going need a higher dimension inserted into the equation.

Maybe in its entirety, it would have to e a formula outside the boundaries of our normal scientific equation, or may be  it could be condensed down into 4 dimensions.


It would be logical to look for an upgrade in a natural mathematics system.It would make sense in view of natural dimensions as mentioned in the page below.



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