March 20 2018, 06:36 


Infinity versus finity. Eternity. 


In finite space distance can be calculated in up down or across directions by normal mathematics.But infinity is a space where if you multiply the distance of infinity or add infinite space to another quantity of infinite space you always get the same answer.That answer is simply Infinity.Ten times infinity equals infinity.So  the amount off space in all the Infinity calculations is the same.So you could say that all of infinity is the same space.This is not the case in Finite space, where all the space is at a different space,

Therefore Infininite space is a different sort of space to Finite space.

Finite space is outer space.

Infinite space cannot be outer space.There is no outer space mathematics in Infinite space.If Infinite space is not "out there" where is it.?

It is inner space.

Yet if you travel "out there"and keep going into infinity , into the infinite universe,How can you say infinity is not out there?And if infinity is the same bit of space everywhere, everything out there must be the  new type of space called infinity.Therefore infinite space is also finite space, which makes these two types of space the same type of space from the point of view of infinity, but not from the point of view of finity.Therefore this fourth dimension of space includes in its nature the other three dimensions of space.

Therefore all space being the same point in space ,is the true nature of space.The true nature of space is inner space, and its  mathematics does not include distance or time.

Time does not exist in infinite space.Nor distance.

You can work out Eternity for yourself from the previous posts in the same way.All calculations of time can be added up to a finite amount of time but eternity does not do so.If you multilply or add eternity to eternity, you find that it still adds up to eternity , therefore all points in time are the same in eternity, therefore by the same logic as used with space there is another dimension of time which is not the past present and future idea of time.

If you look at Eternity and Infinity side by side, you can see that time is a distance travelled in a 3D universe, but if this distance moves up a level to Infinity then  distance does not exist, so you can see that time is a product of this 3D space.In 4D space you would have to change the meaning /dimension of Time to say that it would take forever or eternity to travel an infinite ammount of distance.So Eternity is a product of infinity, it is a dimension of Infinity.It is a dimension of 4D space.

Time is a product of Space.A dimension of space.



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