The electro gravito effect was patented many years ago by a couple of experimentalist.It consisted of two well insulated copper plates held apart a short distance with a very high current put through.(DC?)It delivered lift and antigravitional effects in the direction of the positive plate.Government secretly constructed vehicles from this technology and have been flying to and from Mars and further at mind blowingly fast speeds for a very long time..It is said that these craft can exceed the speed of light.With this simple idea in mind, we could be proud of our human intelligence to deliver technology that put us in the big league.It takes the mystique out of aliens and UFO.A description of this technology and these craft are given at the following link, if you can concentrate for 1hour 12 mins.


Further to this it has been demonstrated that if you let fall two object of the same mass , one of which is magnatized of a certain polarity,one will fall faster than the other.Therefore it is seen that Gravity is of an electromagnetic nature.
An area 51 S4 scientist dealing with UFO technology for the American government says that the solution to the nature of gravity is in the resonant differential field created between a positron and a electron,(matter and antimatter,do not quite cancel out).Others have pointed it being an effect of entanglement.

So the solution to gravity could easlly be in this above inforamtion.The unified field Theory and the standard model seems to be nearly there.