Science Talk (hamishscience) wrote,
Science Talk

Brief Historey of Time and Space.

Time and space is youself.
The steady state theory is OK.
The Holy Grail of the new physics is OK.
The problem is we are born to be made into the Image of God.Time and Space.The Universe.
It does not matter which planet ,or star system, you are born on. The Truth is the same.
The key to the doors of the Universe have been delivered.
When your windows are cleaned by this knowledge, you will not see anything other than what is already there,in the first place.You youself, and the Universe outside you doorstep.Your reflection.
As the Sun goes down at the close of the day,Bid thee good luck to you and your door,to all that dwells in the neighbouing enviroment.You will be in tune with other civilizations,and surrounding lifeforms that have evolved,to discover the key,of their enviroment.
God is the universe,the creator of it.
We are the image of the universe. Mirror?
We dont know who we are,so we work it out.
Indirect ways of seeing.Science.
The result? The same as in the original beginning.We are ourself.Proven instead of not proven.
We knew that anyway.
So for whos benifit do the inteligent people work?
The 95% of the working ignorant class of the human race.
We deliver E=MC squared.We deliver The mathematics of the universe.
We must die, after our job is done.
Give them an accurate religion that adds up.Fit for 2006.Untill 3006.
We must die. Our work is done.

Carry the formula of Time and Space in your back pocket, wherever you go,and in times of trouble, pull it out and revise the mathematical formula.
Otherwise, Do Thy Will, It is not written in stone that you should be dictated to.
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