A Theory of Evolution That Fits the Facts.

A species is locked and built into the ecosystem and is heavilly checked and kept in balance with nature.This ecosystem is the earth and earths nature which doesn't need to gain knowledge and evolve.It already is evolved and enlightened.It is locked into one giant evolved super machine which is a total evolution in itself.The idea of evolving through our light and dark forces of nature towards knowledge came into being after we were removed from the checks and balances of nature.These forces were already built in.
On then subject of evolving toward knowledge to be come a god,where does this refer to evolving into a new species? According to Darwin species have evolved from other species by natural selection and continue to do so, preseumably, but all of a sudden when referring to mankind, we say this stops and he has reached the peak of his evolution whereby man becomes god.This fundamentally floors the whole argument.

Consider this.Evolution depends on time and is by natural selection according to Darwin.Man,s evolution of 3 million years he says is enough to reach near perfection.So how come life forms that have been evolving for 600 million years like trees and insects arent evolved to an incredibly high level.?It doesn't make sense.Trees and insects should be far more evolved and advanced than us.They certainly will survive as a species where we will not.So I suppose this proves they are far more advanced life form in terms of survival inteligence.What is Darwins reply to that?
The idea that species evolve into other species is not backed up by any evidence.Information contradicts this idea.