The Nature of Space.New Age Formulas.

What is Space?
If you hypothesize that space is like matter, that one particle of space is the same as all particles of space,then the very large and very small are not factors that define space.If you take "one atom" of space,and look inside it you may discover that the laws of space as we know them break down, that "quantum space" is apparrant.This quantum space cannot be tied down to any one place at any one time, it is everywhere and eternal.It is infinite, it has no boundaries.Quantum mechanics within atoms of elements,give these properties to the particles inside atoms.They are not.They are properties of the space,(inner space).
3D space and its associated mathematics is an incomplete idea.It additionally says that space has no ending (and time),It admits to the existance of infinity, without explaining it .It is making the assumption that reality is a 3D phenomena and delivering a mathematics and science which is supposedly accurate,based on this.It has it.s head in the sand hoping that the existance of infinity and eternity will go away.It is as near as damn it saying that they do not exist, they are not real.It has no formula or mathematical science that can deal with them.
This shows that space in 3 dimensions is a false idea.Space can only be seen as 4 dimensions.A mathematics that cannot work in 4/5 dimensions must be inadequate, in the same way that physics without quantum science is inadequate.
The idea that 3 dimensional space could define reality came from the belief that matter is a living proof of 3 D reality.But this is no longer the case.It is now known that matter is "quantum" in its nature. that it consists of fields and is not 3 dimensional.It is constructed of higher spacial dimensional "material".
It follows that the formula for everything, the unified field theory, cannot be contained in a 3 dimensional equation, it must include the higher dimensional mathematics.It must explain infinity,time and space in its formula.The universe is not a 3D phenomena,it is a reality in 4 dimensions of space,(or more).
The "truth" wont fit into a box of 3 Dimensions.This idea comes from the idea that the universe is a gigantic box/prison consisting in 3 dimensions.It is infinite.The scientist has evaded the outer truth of infinity in its theoretical physics and mathematics, but cannot disregard infinity in its inner space and quantum physics. Science has been based on the assumption that the nature of reality is a dog kennel.

A mathematician may argue that there are an infinite amount of possible spacial dimensions.I would argue that Life is a biological,cosmic,natural phenomena and has inbuilt a consciousness that can see itself in its environment in 5 dimensions.Four of space,one of time.Life and nature cannot be defined in less than 5 dimensions.(There are many other dimensions).That you cannot have a unified field formula or a theory of everything in less than 5 dimensions.Therefore the formula and knowledge is worthless to the unenlightened person.The assumption is that this science can be used as tool to educate and enlighten people to knowledge.This is similar to the ancient techniques and religions with their occult sciences.It can be seen that no long lasting enlightenment or benefit came from the ancient religions.The knowledge of nature gained from the genome will not change the situation.The new age religion is on shaky ground, as all religions have been.