Space Theory-Hypothesis

Within three dimensional space you can create two dimensional realities and one dimensional.i.e a singularity and a straight line.You can also work trigonometry and geometry and create other three dimensional spaces within your 3-D world.Therefore it seems from space you can create space.It seems that it is in some way a conciousness that can see itself.From the next higher spacial dimension it follows likewise that you can create the lower dimensions and also itself.i.e.inner space and infinities without and within.The question I would ask is this.Does space have the ability to create, a) other space dimensions.
b) other dimensions.
c) matter.

The question has to be asked because within our current understanding of particle physics it is known that atoms are constructed from fields of differing resonant frequencies and electrical/magnetic charges.That they are not contructed of matter and do not obey the laws of space time that we do in our dimension.The nature of the atom within, is subject to different laws of physics called quantum physics.It is suggesting that atoms are created from higher dimensional "Physics and Mathematics".From higher dimensional space.From fields and resonant frequencies.(Harmonic frequencies).

If it is considered that in our 3-D space this happens to a lesser extent, creating itself, i.e.creating space,then the rest is a logical conclusion.
Space(in its higher dimensional states),may be living, it may have conciousness ,it maybe able to reproduce itself.It may be responsible for the creation of matter,and therefore life.

We are conditioned to accept that the nature of reality is 3 dimensional.This is ridiculous when viewed from outside the box.Its little wonder we are so ignorant when it comes to answering the big questions.
Is a master of Space and Time able to hijack reality,s mechanism to create whatever it wishes? Even an entire Universe?
In science we know that this is possible.Inner space can create outer space.
We are as a species moving into a new age and a new collective consciousness.
Holistic,cosmic, biological and natural wizards,peoples,religions and communities,cannot identify with the scientists approach to these truths,as they know it to be dangerous and should be encountered naturally.That space is natural and cosmic.They know that the door to knowledge has always been open and should never have been knocked down over the years by forced entry that has destroyed much of the earth and most species including us.