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Unified Field Theory Solution

The unification of the 4 force fields awaits the description of gravity.I have looked at what is said by David Sereda,a Jehovahs witness who is also a high level US scientist,working on secret government projects in USA for a long time,including anti gravity propulsion.
He says that anti matter matter explosions, when colliding an electron and positron, leave a residual force field,approximately equal to one-ninth of the total.It is predicted by supersymetary that the anniahlation between matter and antimatter is complete.100%.He contradicts this.At the origin,the creation of the physical universe,the current theories state that the creation of antmatter and matter self anniahlated leaving a small percentage of matter in favour of antimatter.This is said to have resulted in what we see now.David Sereda goes a much further than this as I have said,the result being that the entire early universe was permeated by the field left over from the positron and electron collisions.This field is gravity,it is a field permeating all of space and exerts and attractive force on all matter.It is a field written into space/time.
This is not confirmed by our current observations,but very interesting indeed are the radio signals picked up to paint a map of our early universe,(left over microwave radiation from the big bang).These photos show the early matter is accompagnied by a field that is not identifeid.They as yet have not described what this field may be, but they do not think it is a field that they know about.It is said therefore to be a newly identified field playing a major role.It is not yet included in the standard unified model.Could this decribe by observation what we are looking for? Gravity? To complete the standard model?
The main reason that they do not jump to this conclusion is that it contradicts superstring theory, which expects supersymetry to apply to the positron and electron collisions.
Looking further at the Hadron collider results which successfully delivered the Higgs "particle",it has been upgraded to double its power since then and still has deliverred no further results of other particles or fields.They were confidently expecting of proof of supersymetry,but this has not happenned.They are not given in though.
Is there a cover up ? Perhaps.
~It seems to me a very good bet that we have found what we have been looking for.The description of the gravity field as said by David Sereda.

Further to this is RioFrio,s work which mathematically predicts that the speed of light is not constant but varies with time.(i.e. Gravity which weakens as the universe expands).Her book "The Speed of Light" is available at Kindle.She is eagerly awaiting results from the space station within the next year, which will probably give her a Nobel Prize, if her work is verified.
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