Science Talk (hamishscience) wrote,
Science Talk

The Grand Design

This thesis by prof Hawkins and the Polish Scientists alter the previous conceptions of creation of the universe by suggesting that it was chance happening,in line with current science of natural evolution and natural selection processes.Thus not upsetting mainstraem science.It is a very good theory, it makes a great deal of sense and is very logical.But I would not sign on to it,myself.
It was realized that this universe could not possible have come in to being by previously accepted means.This was because it was so finally tuned and its physical values were so precise that it would have needed to be of inteligent design.This was unanimous.A way round this was to say that originally the universe had a choice of every permutation and combination of values and physical attributes that by chance would produce one set of values that result in what we see now.We cannot deny that nature works in these sort of ways.They do have to calculate into the trillions of other universe creation attempts to arrive at this one though.It is very hard to swallow for many.There is no proof of it yet,either.It does not rule out the existance of a god or creator.If you consider the creation of life, evolution by inteligent design or natural selection, it is a very similar arguement.It cannot be seperated from the phyical universe arguement.It is now recognized that DNA is of inteligent design.The permutation,combinations,chance concepts are out of the running for human DNA creation.These two arguments,creation of universe and human life, are running neck and neck.
There are as yet no answers to the origin of life and the creation of the physical universe.
The only possible option left for science to maintain its position is to say the we were co-created by ET and that ET itself are natural selection/evolutions.That there are two types of evolution.This is what they have done.They have moved the goalposts again. But it seems to me that they may have moved the goalposts once too often.
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