Science Talk (hamishscience) wrote,
Science Talk

Measuring Infinity

According to program that I saw,not remembering if it was a BBC program or not,an experiment was done by scientist to determine whether or not the Universe was infinite.Light from distant stars was measuerd and it was found that it was not curved.That therefore space did not curve,it was straight.This implies that space goes on for ever,that it is infinite.We also know mathematically that inner space is infinite.Infinity within and without.Therefore there is no border line between 3D space and infinite space.This means that the 3 dimensions we understand are not actually real,but constructed from infinity.Its phyical properties are not real because they are without a borderline within and without.They only exist for a Time.But the time is also
not real as Time only exists in the present,which is eternity.Therefore the physical universe exists in a time which has no boundaries,in the present.We can say thet the universe we know is directly contructed from Infinity and eternity and energy.From these,forces,matter,space/time are created.The formula is not yet delivered to us.

On the question of energy,it is known that energy is directly related to mass and matter.E=mc*.
It seems logical therefore that energy would alter its nature in accordance with the dimension that it is occupying.In 3D space it would appear as mass but in other dimensions it would exist in another form.The dimensions Eternity and Infinty would have plenty of energy at its disposal and the only way this energy could come into this new space,(3D),would be to transform the nature of itself and these dimensions into a physical form,with a time.The ever present Eternity energy is put into a forward motion,giving a seemingly past and future direction.The space moving its energy into 3D dimensions creates the fields which build matter
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