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Quantum Machanics 5th Dimension.

Quantum mechanics moves into inner space mechanics.Beyond our three dimensional space/time mathematics.A formula for space and Time is needed. Infinity and Eternity.

I think Hawkins was spot on to say that we needed a new system of mathematics to arrive at the unified field formula.

An Atom may be a particle, but anything smaller is a not within outer space, it is inner space. Another dimension.

This shines a light on the validity of string theories idea of 10 Dimensions.But maybe it is overdoing it a bit.

Entanglement also.

The formula is going need a higher dimension inserted into the equation.

Maybe in its entirety, it would have to e a formula outside the boundaries of our normal scientific equation, or may be  it could be condensed down into 4 dimensions.


It would be logical to look for an upgrade in a natural mathematics system.It would make sense in view of natural dimensions as mentioned in the page below.


The Gravity Particle

The Higgs boson could have been theorized in our equations without having been verified by the LHC,but the gravity particle could not.It would have been more significant to solve this than it would have been to solve Mass.So what was the LHC really built for ? it is surprising that not more has been done there since 2012.

I think that that not all is being told to us.

It is interesting that David Sereda,an area 51,S4 scientist, states that gravity is not a particle but is the differential between the electron and positron.That these particles do not entirely anniahalate each other , but there is about and 8-10% residual.He works for the government in secret projects involving antigravity and alien technology,a cutting edge expert in this field, so must be taken very seriously.If this is true, the LHC is not telling us something about the truth of matter and anti matter.

This is not straight forward.Read between the lines.

Eric Verlinde is saying that entanglement results in the gravity effect.If you take string theory seriously, then it is self evident that another dimension is at work. Entangle of particles is direct evidence of the 4th spacial dimension.Time and space operate different laws here. This is well known, so why do they not formulate this ? In respect to gravity, string theory can not argue with Verlinde.

It is clear that 4th spacial dimension is interacting in  our 3 dimensional space, and time universe, but whether it can introduce a force into the lower dimension is not clear yet.I am hesitant to agree with Eric Verlinde.His ideas on dark matter and energy are more interesting.It could be, though, that entanglement plays a role with gravity, and also the other forces.

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3 YouTube Video Links. Physics.

The standard model in Physics is put  down here as well as a  Dutch Scientist with a radical proposal for the Gravity "particle" and Dark Matter/Energy.





At this link you find a former area 51 scientist discussing advanced technology, and included is the description, briefly, is solution to the gravity force.it seems they have the knowledge to unify the forces and matter?Time/space.They would have this written formula, whataever it is .

The interesting information in this lecture is that the force of gravity is the resonant differential between the Positron and Electron.Very interesting.However it might not assume that the electron is exactly as has been taught to us, so I don't know how this works out on paper.It would be for mathematicians and scientists to look at, 

It might be that the idea of the 4 fundemantal forces as delivered to us (gluon, strong and weak and gravity etc),may be revised.

If unified they would be revised anyway, maybe only one force/matter .maybe an anti. "particle".

By the way these are not particles,they are wave forms/energies/strings or something not of a physical construction.The smallest particle that can exist is the atom.After that you go into the quantum world of Time/Space.

Inner Space,or just space , if all space is linked.It takes the lid of the box when you consider more dimensions.

Space Time Matter and Force

Could the universe exist without matter?.material ?Could the vast empty expanse exists and Time if it were empty.Infinity and Eternity.
It would have no meaning.Could it manage to expand,to shrink ,to respond to gravitational influensces and fields.?Would it be a lifeform in its own right with time from a beginning to an end? or Forever.? Is space a life form.?Does it have consciousness? Does it replicate itself? ( in its many dimensions).Where does the material come from in our dimension and what is its relation ship to its space?Is it a neccessry part of 3 dimensional space or can 3 dimensional space live without material? Can material live without 3 dimensional space.?


Time, like space is not what it seems either.What is time.?
Once you know one particle of time , you know all particles of time.One second can be transmuted into a thousand years and visa versa.The nature of time is like that of space when you move into other dimensions.Past present and future are all here,written into the same moment.Eternity can hit you in a moment.the formula for the entirety of time can come and go in an instant.As is the case for Infinity.Gazing up into the heavens on a clear night ,away from the city pollution will give you direct access to the visabillity of Infinity and Eternity nature of the Universe.The door into the 5th dimension, in a flash, nutshell.Written into nature.It is who you are.It is you.This is the nature of time and space at a higher dimension.As do the physical laws change In the quantum world, so do the laws of Space/Time change at a higher dimension.You can travel into the future or the Past if you can break through the conditioning.Inner time is like inner space.You cannot put a position on it, this time is any time ,anywhere and also at any place.The physical laws of time can be changed in the next dimension.As is the case with space.It is the same idea.We can live at any time at any place, physically if we wanted to, but this is not necessary.Also it is contrary to the higher nature of time. Because time. like space, is already here .The here and the now is time /space anywhere and everywhere.As is the sight of the stars in the clear night sky,the visabillity of the Eternity and Infinity,is here now.
5th dimensiuonal science have built machines that can travel physically into any time and part of space,according to the information available on YouTube whistleblowers.They have the formula for time.

To this article and the Dimension-Quanta article:
Living beings and ecosystems are natural 5th dimensional machinery with 5th dimensional knowledge built into them.We do not need science and machines.

Dimensions and Quantum

There are many possible spacial dimensions as well as the 3 dimensions we are aware of. We also have the dimension of time which is inseperable from Space.Time is said to be another space dimension.So where does that leave dwellers in our 4 dimensional world.It is up for grabs how many dimensions you live in If you consider then 2 special dimensional world, a straight line and extend that not only into the 3 spacial dimensional world , but carry on to 4 or 5 spacial dimensions, you can visualize that there is not a dividing line or doorway, it is possible to move freely between dimensions.If you take inner space, which some would be aware of, it is not difficult to see that the physics of this dimension is differant to the physics of 3 spacial dimensions.It seems therefore that the laws of physics that we know of in our 3 spacial dimensional world change.They are not fixed.This is suggested in quantum physics and it has been proven by the quantum entanglements that the laws of space time can completely break down.In inner space there is no such thing as position, the position is anyhwhere and everywhere, as quantum physicists know.
It is often confusing when discussing the quantum world and standard physical concepts if you talk about quantum mechanics as a physical reality It is not.The smallest particle of matter in our 3 dimensional space, (and 1 of time),is the atom.It has size and mass.In the quantum world we are not talking about the 3 special dimensions, we have entered the world of another Spacial/Time dimension , and therefore it is not surprising that the laws of physics are not the same it seems obvious that we are into inner space.A 4th space dimension.It is therefore ridiculous to talk about sub-atomic particles.They are not particles.They are wave forms and energies.Quantum entanglement between 2 quanta of light photons demonstrate the laws of inner space .Innerspace includes the entirety of outer space, ones spacial position in inner space can be interchanged with any position in the entire outer space realm,(Universe).So as you move into a higher dimension you lose the requirements of obey the rules of the lower dimension.Just as you would not wish to return to living in the world of a straight line on a piece of paper, (2 dimensional world) after living in our 3 spacial dimensional universe , the same would be the case if you were a being who had evolved to live in a 4 dimensional spacial world , and so on , 5 and 6 and 7 dimensional worlds.you would not like living at lower spacial dimensions.
The laws of Time and Space govern the physical world that only exists in our 4 dimensions.The speed of light is supposed to be a constant in our space time , but if you alter the space time , you alter the speed of light and therefore the mass,( which is proportional to the speed of light).therefore space/time determines mass as well.So it can be seen that the physical laws of the universe change in other space/time dimensions.
Spacial dimensions are the nature of reality and it is possible to move freely into any dimension,it is not written that you shall inhabit any particular dimensions.All dimensions at up for grabs if you can step outside the conditioning of your world.
Nature is built up in layers of many dimensions, and mastering the laws of nature in one dimension enables you to move into the next layer of nature and so on.It does not alter you position in space or time do do this. As we can see from innersapce experiments, all points in Space are the same when seen from a higher dimension, This is so with Time as well.
The other side of the universe in terms of inner space is on the same place as where we already are.It is already here,(or there).

So science has taken us into the 5th dimension, and the world has been shaken by this revolution.Quantum science is the science of a higher world.The basis of what people were assuming would be the New Age.We can move freely between these 5 dimensions or any other, theoretically, but first we must master the 4 dimensions we already live in, by our nature.It is necessary in the process of evolution to become a Master of Time and Space,by nature, in each dimension that we move on up to.

Hamish Physicist.

At school my interst was Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, by about 1969 I realized that I was heading for a career and work in this field at a top level.This was the level of education I and my peer group were groomed for.I stopped to think.It was a time that predicted a big leap forward in scientific understanding and we already proven that our primary interest in science and technology was for weapon developments and military uses.I thought of Hiroshima as an example.I thought to myself " I can have a very lucrative career and successful life at the top.With a great deal of material wealth.It is there mapped out in front of me.But it would be morally unacceptable.Do I want to deliver formulas to these people who are using my knowledge for weapons".I didn't find it easy, but I did decide to throw it all in.I Dropped outfrom following the road that was mapped out.I never looked back.
But I must say that the circle has been squared, because I did eventually drop back in to take a look at where my path would have lead me.An unbelievably advanced level of science and technology has been arrived at since then.It wouldnt have altered the course of the world, my dropping out because others had stepped in to take my place.
Yes, they have used this science to make weapons and inflicted outrages crimes and sufferring to many living beings.
I do not consider science clever to do that.On an academic level only , is my belief in science, not for putting into the hands of our governments and military.
It begs the self same idea, should you give weapons to kids? No you should not.

Know Everything or Nothing.

Those that have jumped in at the deep end will verify this, much as it is said in Gennesis about Adam and Eve.They must have jumped in at the deep end.
Not only is this true in life, but it is true in science.
It is easier to know nothing.In fact it is an absolute must.
It really is not possible to know everything.The brain is only built to process information by the geneome that evolved on a planet earth ecosystem.If foriegn information or knowledge has to be processed, the brain will break down.Cease to function.Become blocked.It is only allowed to know itself.

Interplanetary Travel ?

This thing does go on and always has done.Forget it, is my point of view .It is a darn site more difficult to get back than it to get there.As Frank Zappa said, "If you go to far,you might not get back to who you are".
Religions are about this basically.It is not a good idea.